About Us

      Hello, and welcome to Penny Lane Labradors!
Penny Lane is a small kennel run by my husband, myself, and our 2 little helpers. We're located about half an hour outside of sunny Ocala Florida and an hour and a half north of Orlando.  We're just a small Coast Guard family that lives out in the country and has a love for Labs and a passion of keeping the integrity of the English Labrador alive. 
Our dogs are part of our family and all of our pups are raised inside from day one. Our goal is to raise the healthiest puppies we can raise with the best start possible to life by making sure they have good genetics and lineage, with no known genetic problems in any of their family tree.We also look for longevity in the lineage and breed to meet the high standard we have. We haven't had any hip, elbow, eye, skin, or ear problems with our dogs, their parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents! We have their hip and elbow certifications with the OFA as soon as they're old enough and we've made sure that our line does not carry the gene for the retina disease. Our dogs all all genetically tested for eye diseases and Exercise Induced Collapse and other common genetic issues found in the Labrador, through Paw Print Genetics as well and passed with flying colors! We average a few litters a year and pups are usually sold as soon as they hit the ground, so if you're interested in adding one of our babies to your family please contact me before pups are born so I can get you on the waiting list! You can also check our 'Available puppies' section on our page to see if we have any available at this time, and you'll find more information about our puppy buying process here
 -Sarrah & Randy Dollar