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      Hello, and welcome to Penny Lane Labradors!
Penny Lane is a small kennel run by my husband, myself, and our 2 little helpers. We're located about half an hour outside of sunny Ocala Florida and an hour and a half north of Orlando.  We're just a small Coast Guard family that lives out in the country and has a love for Labs and a passion of keeping the integrity of the English Labrador alive. 
Our dogs are part of our family and all of our pups are raised inside from day one. Our goal is to raise the healthiest puppies we can raise with the best start possible to life by making sure they have good genetics and lineage, with no known genetic problems in any of their family tree.We're very selective about which dogs we breed and also look for longevity in the lineage and breed to meet the high standard we have. We haven't had any hip, elbow, eye, skin, or ear problems with our dogs, their parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents! We hip and elbow testing through the Orthopedic Foundation along with patella and cardiac tests and genetic testing of 200+ genetic conditions. We average a few litters a year and pups are usually sold as soon as they hit the ground, so if you're interested in adding one of our babies to your family please contact me before pups are born so I can get you on the waiting list! Text is the quickest way to reach me. You can also check our 'Available puppies' section on our page to see if we have any available at this time, and you'll find more information about our puppy buying process here
 -Sarrah & Randy Dollar
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This is a list I've put together of products I recommend for your new puppy. Each item is attached to a link that will make shopping for your new baby a little easier. -Sarrah

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Puppy Adoption Process
We raise AKC registered English Labradors in all 3 colors and usually average about 4 litters a year. Most of our puppies have over 25 championships within a 5 generation pedigree and come from wonderful English lines with some big show names in their linage. While most of our puppies become family pets and will never be shown themselves, this shows excellent breeding over multiple generations in temperament, health, and English confirmation.

Our puppies are usually reserved 2-6 months in advance before they arrive. I recommend placing that intentional $200 installment payment to go on our waiting list if serious about getting one of our Penny Lane pups.

Our holding fee is a nonrefundable fee that will hold your place in line for one of our pups as a confirmed buyer. If you're on our Buyer's List, you'll be notified as soon as we have a pup available for you in the color and gender you are wanting. The $200 will go toward the purchase price of your puppy. If you don't want to place a deposit yet,you can keep up with our latest babies on our Penny Lane Labradors Facebook and check for availability there, but again, our puppies are usually reserved by the time they arrive.


Our puppies are homed as PETS ONLY. A puppy with full Registration (Breeding rights) is sold VERY RARELY and on occasions where we feel the breeder is established and working to better the Labrador breed.

After the babies arrive, the remaining balance can be paid during the next few weeks via Venmo, Zelle, check, or cash at visits. Really whichever way is easiest for you. If there is a remaining balance to be paid on the day of puppy pick up, I ask that you bring cash only. We cannot accept any other payment type at that point.

You are welcome to come visit your pup any time after around 5 weeks old. We ask families to wait until then because this is a fragile and delicate time for the babies and just like with a newborn child, we want to keep them away from the world during this stage. You are welcome to come visit any time after that though, just be sure to coordinate with us and our schedule. I try to keep our website and Facebook updated as often as I can, but feel free to check in on upcoming litters or pups anytime! Email or text is usually the best way to reach us.

Interested in a Penny Lane pup?!
Great! Thank you for choosing us for your new baby!

1. Please fill out our PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE or text me some. This gives us a little more information about yourself and also let us know what color and gender puppy you are looking for. We want to get to know our puppy families a little bit before agreeing to let them adopt one of our pups. These are our babies and we want to feel confident in the homes they go to.

2. From there, please CONTACT US and let us know you've filled out the questionnaire and would like to place the $200 to go on the list and reserve one of our babies. This lets us know who is really serious about getting a puppy from us. Text is usually the best way to reach us.

3. After that is paid, your spot in line will be held and your future puppy reserved! You will be notified when we have babies on the way and updated frequently after they are born. 8 weeks later, you get to take your new baby home! :)

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