Penny Lane Labradors

Welcome to Penny Lane Labradors! We're an all American Coast Guard family nestled on a beautiful small farm in the heart of Florida's horse country, just a short drive from Disney World. Our journey with Labradors began with our beloved Gracie when I was seven years old. Growing up alongside my parents, who started breeding Labradors, I developed a deep passion for these incredible dogs and learned firsthand about ethical breeding practices. From the joys of birth to the challenges and triumphs, my upbringing instilled in me a commitment to upholding the integrity of the breed with every litter we raise.
In 2016, my husband and I embarked on our own adventure, founding Penny Lane Labradors. Our name pays homage to The Beatles and is also a play on our family name, Dollar. Since then, we've expanded our knowledge, our breeding lines, and our family—now including our three children who are actively involved in every aspect of caring for our Labradors.
With 20 years of experience, the well-being of our dogs is my top priority. Our Labradors come from champion bloodlines, known for their blocky build, excellent conformation, and exceptional show pedigrees. We ensure their health through rigorous testing, including OFA hips, elbows, patella, cardiac evaluations, and comprehensive genetic panels covering over 250 conditions. This dedication guarantees that our Labradors are healthy and free from any known hereditary concerns, giving you confidence as you welcome a new member into your family.
Our puppies are raised in a nurturing environment where they're socialized from an early age to be friendly, confident, and well-adjusted companions. Whether you're seeking a cherished family pet, a potential show pup, or a dedicated service dog, Penny Lane Labradors is committed to finding the perfect match for your needs.

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our dogs and current availability. At Penny Lane Labradors, we believe that excellence and companionship go hand in paw.
The Mitchell Dollars ​

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Welcome to our Penny Lane Adoption process! We strive to offer families more than just a beautiful puppy; we want to provide you with your new best friend and family member!

Our goal is to give you a meaningful, enjoyable experience from the moment your puppy is born until they go to their forever home. Over the 8 weeks that your puppy is with us, you'll have the chance to watch them grow and develop, forming a bond before they even join your family. We post updates on social media and provide professional photos and videos every week. You'll see firsthand how much we love and spoil your puppy while they’re here with us.

All of our puppies come from championship lines with thoroughly health-tested parents. They start on a premium diet and daily supplements from a young age. Our goal is to produce thick, blocky, healthy puppies with well-rounded and gentle personalities. We start with early stimulation and exposure to new textures, smells, and lots of big noises! In addition to the daily activities they hear in our home, we play various sounds to introduce them to everyday things they’ll hear and encounter in the real world, all within a safe and comforting environment. We want our dogs to be confident without anxieties or fears, and that starts with us.

Our puppies come with AKC registration, their microchip paperwork, (they will be chipped, you just need to register in your name), a spay/neuter contract unless otherwise discussed and approved beforehand, a strict deworming schedule, their first set of age-appropriate vaccines, a Florida health certificate, and a wellness exam from our vet. Additionally, each puppy goes home with a blanket and toys that carry the comforting scent of their mom, siblings, and our home which helps comfort them as they transition to a brand new  environment.. we also provide a new leash and collar, treats, a ziplock bag of puppy food, samples of their Nuvet daily vitamins, a bag of wood chips to assist with potty training, and our Penny Lane Puppy book filled with helpful tips and tricks for bringing your new puppy home. You will also receive a detailed contract/bill of sale/health agreement that confirms your commitment to loving and caring for your new baby and our commitment to standing behind our breeding practices.

Most of our puppies are placed as pets, but we occasionally grant breeding rights to those dedicated to improving the Labrador breed. We also have a lot of our puppies go into service or therapy work. Visits are welcome, but only for families who have placed a holding fee with us. This policy ensures the safety of our puppies by minimizing the risk of exposure to illnesses like Parvo, especially from those who have visited multiple kennels before us. Since this is also our home, we prioritize protecting our Labradors and children as well.  You are welcome to FaceTime or call us to get to know us better, and we encourage you to check out our reviews on our Penny Lane Facebook page.

Our selection process at Penny Lane Labradors is unique. We’ve seen two common methods: either families choose based on the order of deposits, which often leads to choices based solely on appearance, or the breeder picks the puppy for you, leaving families out of the decision completely. Neither method seemed ideal to us. We do something a little different. Bringing a puppy home is a huge decision, and we believe families should be involved.
We start allowing families to come visit at 5 weeks, but don’t start selection until puppies are 7 1/2 weeks old, allowing their personalities to fully develop. Families can visit in person or interact through video and FaceTime calls. We discuss your lifestyle and the puppies' personalities to guide your decision. Each family chooses their three favorite puppies, but the final match is made by us, considering all aspects of compatibility. Our goal is to ensure the best fit for both the puppies and their new families, leading to lifelong bonds and happy homes. You are part of every step of the discussion, and we take pride in our careful matchmaking and commitment to the well-being of each puppy.

Our Pricing
- Pet price (limited registration): $2800
- Breeding rights (full registration): $4500
Our pricing reflects the quality of our pups and the care we put into raising them

Our puppies are usually reserved a few months in advance, so to secure a spot on our waiting list, we do recommend placing a $500 holding fee. This holding fee is non-refundable but can be transferred to another litter. Here are a few reasons why we have this policy, and things to consider before committing to a puppy from us.

- Respecting Our Time and Effort:
Raising puppies requires round-the-clock care, socialization, and veterinary attention. In addition to caring for our dogs, we're also raising three young children. Every call, update, text, or email takes time away from them, and our time is valuable.
- Avoiding Flippant Decisions:
We've experienced situations where families change their minds at the last minute, leaving us with puppies past 8 weeks of age. This forces us to start the vetting process all over again, which delays the puppies from finding their forever homes. This costs us time, money, and causes other families that I had sent away thinking that puppy was spoken for, to miss out.
- Supporting Responsible Ownership:
Welcoming a puppy into your life is a lifelong commitment. Our non-refundable installment payment encourages families to make thoughtful decisions, promoting responsible pet ownership.

While we acknowledge that circumstances may change, our policy prioritizes the well-being of our dogs, our time, and our commitment to ethical breeding. Should something come up, your holding fee can be transferred to another litter when the timing is better for you.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for considering Penny Lane Labradors for your new furry family member!

Fill out our questionnaire and contact us today about placing your holding fee and reserving your puppy :) 
  • Morriston, FL, United States

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